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TRUE-VUE 2 - The Ultimate Chemical Management System for Car Washes


TRUE-VUE 2 is a chemical management system that prioritizes its users by maximizing and optimizing your chemical operations. TRUE-VUE 2 is a system created by Transchem for the Turtle Wax Pro brand, meaning it pairs perfectly with Turtle Wax Pro's hyper-concentrated chemicals.

Our chemical management system was designed to be compact and easy to use which ensures it's both easy on your employees and on the eyes. The deluxe model also gives any car wash the ability to monitor their chemicals with real-time data. These advantages can take any car wash to a new standard of consistency and reliability while minimizing time spent in the backroom.

History and Development

TRUE-VUE was launched in 2018 to revolutionize the backroom of car washes.

The system was designed with several goals in mind to solve many issues prevalent in car wash backrooms all over the world.


Smaller jug size was a major focus for TRUE-VUE 2 as it would improve health and safety standards for employees.

Chemical Usage

Traditionally, draw testing methods are used to see the chemical usage and what is left in a chemical tank. TRUE-VUE 2 was designed to make the process less time-consuming, without the need for equipment.

Remote Access

The need to be physically present was a major barrier TRUE-VUE 2 intended to break through with remote access technology.


Developing TRUE-VUE 2 was a complicated process as it needed to cross into new territory in multiple aspects while still being a one-size fits all system that could work seamlessly.

Two main challenges that had to be worked through in the development process were perfecting the installation and the operation process to be used in any type of car wash anywhere.


TRUE-VUE 2 carries many unique benefits that ensure an improved backroom space for your car wash.

Standard Model

The Standard model is safe, simple, and secure which makes it a great addition to any car wash needing some reliable chemical organization, backroom optimization, and peace of mind. TRUE-VUE 2 transforms any ordinary backroom into a well-utilized, efficient, and attractive system where all of your chemicals can live.

The chemical tanks stack along the wall which opens up desirable and much-needed space within the backroom. They also feature easy-to-see volume markings along with a snap closure lid which prevents spills. Possibly the greatest benefit is the drop-and-go loading system which makes it a breeze to refill the tanks with the desired car wash chemical. This makes the process much easier on your employees and prevents injuries and messes.

Deluxe Model

The deluxe model offers all the features of the standard model and the ability to monitor your chemicals in ways that bring your car wash into 2023.

The deluxe model allows you to see real-time data for any number of car wash locations from any device with internet access.

That includes access to visual dashboards that showcase:

  • Monitoring ability for up to 22 tanks per location
  • Current and historical data for average cost per car, average usage per car, chemical cost per period, and wash counts
  • Actual versus expected daily usage and costs
  • Ability to export data into other formats and reports

Additionally, the deluxe model has automated alerts which notify key users on low tank levels, overfilled tank levels, unexpected usage and abnormalities, the tank being loaded, and the ability to notify your staff.

These benefits present unmatched control over your chemicals along with significant information that can help you identify patterns and improve operations.

New Features - Effective November 1st, 2022*

These new features have been effective in all deluxe TRUE-VUE 2 models since November 1st, 2022.

TRUE-VUE 2 has been given a brand new portal that presents a variety of new benefits for users. All while now giving us the right to own all of the data being gathered rather than working with a third party.

One of the new changes is the installation process. Our service team now has an app where your TRUE-VUE 2 system can be tested on-site to mitigate any installation problems found after the fact.

Other changes and updates include product use analysis which shows a blended cost per car, and floor inventory tracking. The tracking is automatic and deducts or adds inventory as you use and receive products. Finally, manual chemical reordering can be done from within the portal.

Implementation into Car Washes

Implementing TRUE-VUE 2 is a simple process for car washes. It has been created in a step-by-step procedure to ensure little to no issues and a smooth experience.

After an agreement is signed with a car wash, the needed tanks and racks along with our experienced service team are sent to the location where they install and test the system.

TRUE-VUE 2 Training and Support

System training is done at the time of installation by our service team. They are happy to answer any questions operators may have and help them become acquainted with their new monitoring system.

Tank Training

Training related to the tanks will be conducted to ensure a thorough understanding of the drop-and-go loading system.

Portal Training

If the deluxe model is chosen, operators will be trained on how to use the monitoring platform to view their tank levels, set up alerts, manage inventory and more.


Both onsite and virtual training is available upon request for service, maintenance, and troubleshooting.

In addition, users can contact our operational support team through the TRUE-VUE 2 portal or directly email for any questions or requests related to the system.

Turtle Wax Pro Products

TRUE-VUE 2 is designed to work with Turtle Wax Pro chemicals and car wash products. Everything from your car wash soap, presoak, surface protectants, drying agents and any other product you use can be used with TRUE-VUE 2 to make your loading experience easier and monitor its use in real-time.

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