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Increase your average ticket price without raising your cost-per-car. TX4 is a powerful NEW car wash chemical lineup that can be easily marketed to increase the price and popularity of your top wash package!

Introducing Titanium TX4

The Turtle Has Your Back

When you partner with us, you’re not only backed by 75 years of innovation and brand recognition, you’ll gain access to proven marketing tools that will power your profits.

The Turtle Has Your Back


Discover over 20 hours of educational content to help you and your customers get cleaner, shinier and drier cars.


COMMERCIAL Car Wash Chemicals

Discover our innovative and eco-friendly car wash chemicals.

Finishing Products
Wheel & Tire

Chemical Management Technology

Harness digital and physical systems to maximize the margins of your car wash.

True-Vue Chemical Monitoring System

Manage one or more car wash sites more effectively with the TRUE-VUE chemical tank and monitoring system.

Clear-Tech Water Reclaim Systems

Our innovative systems reduce car wash fresh water consumption, lowering environmental harm and increasing your profits. That’s the Clear Wash promise.

Digital Car Wash Innovation

Digital Mosaic is a cloud-based platform that helps wash operators make more money, clean more cars, and ensure the best outcome of all: a constant flow of happy customers.

Power up your business with Turtle Wax® Pro
When I built our first car wash in 1991, I was looking for a chemical company that could provide knowledge, dependability, service, value and high-quality, safe products. The Turtle Wax Pro team and Transchem delivered and for over 30 years has been our car wash chemical supplier of choice, they've never let us down. When it comes to a car wash soap provider you can count on day-in and day-out, I couldn't think of a better company than Turtle Wax Pro and Transchem.

Mike Black, Founder & Owner, Valet Car Washes

Why choose Turtle wax pro?


With a 97% unaided brand awareness among consumers in North America, Turtle Wax® builds customer loyalty and trust.

Marketing Support

Gain instant access to proven marketing and advertising materials, promotions, grand opening events, signage, and custom arches.


We provide the best commercial car wash chemicals and technical support in the industry – at a price that sets your business up for success.

Eco-Friendly Products

Our parent company, Transchem Group, has helped establish benchmarks for environmental protection across North America.

Become A Turtle Wax® Pro Partner

We’re proud of the relationships we’ve built with our partners. And they’d be first to tell you about the proven advantages that come with a partnership with us. Ongoing education, marketing resources, training, innovative chemistry are just the start. Ultimately, 75 years of brand equity and successful partnerships could only be built on the promise of mutual success.

Car Wash Distributors

Power up your business with car wash chemical offerings from the most recognized name in the car wash industry.

Car Wash Operators

Find out how Turtle Wax® Pro can accelerate your car wash business to profitable new heights.

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