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Why become a Turtle Wax Pro car wash operator?

Because our operators get a comprehensive solution that helps their business shine! Our products offer the cleanest, driest and shiniest cars in the industry, plus as a family-run business, we care about mutual success and make sure things are done the right way. Additionally, we offer unparalleled marketing opportunities with Turtle Wax’s Brand Awareness. For consumers, knowing a trusted brand is crucial in making the buying decision. When an operator chooses to use Turtle Wax Pro car wash products, their customers are drawn to a premium brand and are willing to pay extra for quality results!

Just how well is Turtle Wax recognized?

Positive Brand
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Turtle wax products

Client Testimonials

They've never let us down

When I built our first car wash in 1991 I was looking for a chemical company that could provide knowledge, dependability, service, value and high quality safe products. The Turtle Wax Pro team and Transchem delivered and for over 30 years has been our chemical suppler of choice, they've never let us down. When it comes to a soap provider you can count on day in and day out I couldn't think of a better company than Turtle Wax Pro and Transchem.

Mike Black
Founder/Owner at Valet Car Washes

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