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Find out how much money you could save or how much value you are missing out on by NOT choosing Turtle Wax Pro chemistry.

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We believe we can save you money on your current cost-per-car. To learn more about how to do a cost-per-car analysis, watch this video.
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Buying Turtle Wax Pro Hyper Concentrates gives you access to consistent, reliable and efficient chemistry. These hyper concentrates also lower storage space requirements and shipping costs. They avoid the safety concerns of harsh chemicals and thanks to our robust R&D team, don’t sacrifice cleaning power. Due to the nature of hyper concentrates they are low usage to keep cost per car competitive due to financial pressures.
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True-Vue 2 Chemical Monitoring ($10,000/Wash Value)

When purchasing Turtle Wax Chemistry you are could be eligible for a FREE True-Vue 2 Chemical monitoring system after signing a 3 year chemical agreement. Our True-Vue 2 Deluxe System allows you to monitor your wash remotely to solve problems before they happen. Track inventory down to the mL, place orders directly and anticipate demand with detailed reports. Get real-time alerts about chemical leaks to save time, stress & money. Our True-Vue 2 system allows for easy loading to increase safety and prevent spills, keeping your backroom looking like new.

Free Turtle Wax Pro Learning Platform ($10,000 Value)

Before your first order even arrives, you and your team will have access to our in-depth learning platform. With over 30 hours of educational content, you’ll have the knowledge you need to successfully run your Turtle Wax Car Wash. You’ll learn about best practices for chemical setups, recommendations, water quality, sales, marketing, chemical monitoring, cost-per-car analysis and much more. This is also the perfect material to get any new hire up to speed in less than a week, reducing the stress of employee turnover!

Turtle Wax Pro Brand Equity and Marketing Support (Up To $10,000 Value)

By becoming a Turtle Wax Pro operator you’re providing your customers with a brand they know, love and trust. With over 97% brand awareness in the USA, Turtle Wax is unrivalled in brand equity in car washing. Win more business with our brand recognition! Stop using ineffective marketing strategies and let our marketing team help you succeed. We want you to wash more cars which means getting the word out about Turtle Wax Pro. When you convert your wash to Turtle Wax Pro you are instantly eligible for up to $1000 in free signage. Talk to your distributor about unlocking even more free signage! Finally, you could be eligible for up to $6000 in free arches or equipment after signing a 3-year chemical agreement.

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What they say about us

If you've been around one month or ten years TWP’s new learning center is an outstanding tool to help train your staff. This platform gave my team a better understanding of everything from basic wash principles, all the way to the advanced chemistry and how our products break down microscopic impurities on the vehicle surface and be able to pass this knowledge over easily to our customers. I use this platform as a regular training for any new hires as well as senior members of the team.

Eric Brooks
National Service Director at Turtle Wax Pro

The TWPLearn platform has been reviewed by our salesforce with very positive feedback. The detailed information presented has helped us to help our customers with proper chemical mixture, usage and promotion.

Mike Hansen
Sales Manager/Partner at Dultmeier Sales
Product quality and customer experience second to none

Our team at ASI finds the product quality and customer experience second to none with Turtle Wax Pro products. Not only do the products exceed expectations, but the customer service and support is fantastic. Our customers enjoy the brand recognition and marketing support and we enjoy working with a family owned business that cares about their customers.

Jeremy Dohm
President at ASI

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