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where can i find dilution rates?


Dilution rates can be found in our online product catalogue if the product has a Technical Data Sheet. A complete list can be found within our chemical technical manual on the TWPLearn platform.

where can i find turtle wax pro sds sheets?


All of our SDS sheets live in our SDS database and can also be found on the individual product pages. If you believe an SDS sheet is out of date or can't find it please email info@turtlewaxpro.com.

what are the best car wash chemicals for my car wash?


Chemical recommendations will depend heavily on location, season, water quality and wash type. Our team has over 40 years of experience with hands on car washing problems. We can provide detailed answers for all Turtle Wax Pro chemistry.

why can't i order online?


Turtle Wax Pro works through a distributorship model. Our distributors are able to purchase chemicals and provide them to you alongside their stellar service work. At this time we do not sell direct to washes.

how do i learn about how to use turtle wax pro chemicals?


Our Turtle Wax Pro Learning Center has over 30 hours of unique and valuable content about Turtle Wax Pro chemistry and how to clean cars effectively. If you are a Turtle Wax Pro operator or distributor, you and your team will be granted instant access.

why are your chemicals so expensive?


Turtle Wax Pro chemistry my look expensive when you compare the price on a cost per container model. However some 5G containers of Turtle Wax Pro can wash over 4000 cars! In most cases this means Turtle Wax Pro is CHEAPER than competitors on a cost per car basis.

Do you only help with car wash chemicals?


Turtle Wax Pro is a part of the Transchem Group family. Transchem Group has the resources to help you bring your car wash dream all the way from idea to reality. Chemicals, equipment, service, building resources and anything else you need along the way.

turtle wax pro QUESTIONS

is turtle wax pro different from turtle wax?


Turtle Wax Pro is operated by Transchem Pro Inc. under license from Turtle Wax, Inc. Turtle Wax Pro deals specifically with professional car wash chemicals that are found in tunnels, in-bay automatics and self serve car washes.

how do i order turtle wax pro chemistry?


In order to purchase Turtle Wax Pro chemistry, you must become a Turtle Wax Pro distributor. For more information about how to become a distributor and why you should become one, visit our distributor page.

is turtle wax pro privately owned?


Turtle Wax Pro is operated by Transchem Pro Inc. which is a third generation privately owned and operated family business. This allows us distinct advantages over competitors who are required to meet revenue targets for shareholders.

Does turtle wax really have 97% brand recognition?


A Hanover Research Study in 2021 showed that Turtle Wax had 97% unaided brand awareness in North America. Up from 93% in 2020 and 87% in 2018.