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Turtle Wax® Pro. The most trusted brand in the industry.

For over 75 years, Turtle Wax® Pro has pushed the boundaries of car care to create new products, solutions and groundbreaking technologies that have revolutionized the car wash industry in North America and around the world.

Leading the way forward with passion, expertise and service

We continue to drive innovation with a constant stream of new, environmentally friendly cleaning and finishing products that produce the cleanest, driest, and shiniest cars in the industry. It’s all wrapped up in our promise of superior equipment technology and unmatched service and support.


We strive to grow the Turtle Wax Pro market-share by increasing the success of car wash chemical distributors and operators.


Turtle Wax pro will continue to build on our legacy of innovation by providing industry-leading car wash products, services and tools to our partners through a knowledgeable, human-centric service based on mutual success.


We will continue to develop new and effective products, build on our past accomplishments and strive for greatness.


We care deeply about our partners. Everything we do is centered around their success. We aim to provide our partners with the tools they need to grow their business.


We are devoted to serving our partners and colleagues by being dependable, timely, actionable, communicative and always follow through on a task.


Leadership in environmental conservation and stewardship is fundamental to our ongoing success. We endeavor to innovate products that respect our physical environment and adhere to the highest standards in our industry.


Our people are the backbone of our company. We strive to support, respect and develop our employees’ diverse talents, needs and personalities so they can reach their full potential.


Our R&D team is dedicated to providing the best chemical products to our operators and distributors. From our laboratories to the car wash exit, every aspect of the wash process has been meticulously considered to ensure best-in-class performance and value for our customers.


Premium Ingredients

A premium quality product begins with premium ingredients. All Turtle Wax® Pro products contain ultra-high quality raw ingredients such as reverse osmosis water used in chemical blending.


Contact Angles

Contact angles are critical to a high-quality car wash process. We take great care to optimize contact angles so that all chemistry is cleaned and dried more efficiently.


Vehicle Surface Modification Technology (VSMT)

By using complimentary ingredients at each stage of the cleaning process, our products not only prepare the surface of each vehicle for optimal cleaning and lubricity, but maximize protection, water beading, and shine.



All Turtle Wax® Pro products are formulated in hyper-concentrated format, ensuring every ounce of chemistry applied to a vehicle is cleaning it efficiently with less water and better results.

Dedicated to Protecting our Planet

Our commitment to environmental protection is an essential part of our business model. All product and packaging development is conducted with the explicit goal of reducing environmental impacts in North America and around the world.

Our parent company, Transchem Group, has helped establish the guidelines for the Canadian government’s Ecologo Certification Criteria Document for Commercial Car Wash Services.

We are meticulous in selecting ingredients that meet environmental regulations and formulates to meet all municipal, provincial/state and federal sewer-use by-laws. Our formulas do not contain phosphates, Ammonium Bifluoride (ABF) or Hydrofluoric acid (HF).

In Europe, we work only with raw material suppliers that have surfactants listed on Cleangredients or meet the requirements of the European Detergent Directive or exceed the biodegradability requirements of EcoLogo™ Certification Criteria Document for UL-2770: Commercial Car Wash Services.

Environment Compliance:

  • Transchem Group blends Nordic Swan approved products for Sweden and Norway. (Nordic Swan is considered one of the most stringent regulatory programs in the world.)
  • Our EMEA line of TWP products adheres to the Nordic Swan standards and regulations.
  • Transchem is complaint in the EU with the REACH program.

Environmental Recognition:

  • Champion of the EPA’s (Environmental Protection Agency’s)

The Markets we serve

  • North America

  • Europe

  • Rest of World

Our Story

The Turtle Wax story began in 1946 – with the first-ever bottled car wax.

More than 75 years later, North America’s favorite car care brand is still turning heads as the #1 selling brand in many categories.

With global product distribution, the Turtle Wax Pro brand resonates around the globe, but the brand’s heart remains here at home, where industry-leading products are developed to this day.

In 2013, the Turtle Wax Professional Division became part of another family-owned company, Transchem Group.


Ben Hirsch invents liquid auto polish in the family bathtub.


Plastone was produced in Chicago, Illinois, it was the first premium car polish.


Plastone™ is renamed Turtle Wax® for its hard shell finish and The Turtle Wax company is formed.


Turtle Wax creates Professional Products division to market products to the car wash industry.


Turtle Wax launches Hyper Concentrate® brand of professional products to the commercial car wash industry.


Transchem partners with Turtle Wax Inc. to manufacture and distribute their car wash chemical line.


Transchem acquires Turtle Wax Pro car wash chemical manufacturing / distributing contract for the North America and Pacific International markets


Transchem acquires Turtle Wax Pro EMEA manufacturing and distribution contract.


TWP develops and launches a groundbreaking 4-stage process which includes Vehicle Surface Modification Technology (VSMT) becoming the new standard for tunnel wash systems.

Our Leadership

Turtle Wax Pro is proud to be privately held and a 3 generation family owned business for over 40 years.

Murray Ewing
Nathan Ewing
Tim Ewing
Executive Vice-President
Mack Ewing
Director, Strategic Initiatives

Come work with us

We’re always looking for the right talent to join our global workforce. As a family-owned and operated business, we take pride in how our employees represent our brand. This starts with finding the right talent and providing them with the training and support they need to succeed.

Questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out.