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Car Wash Memberships: A Win-Win for Car Washing

If you're running a car wash business, you may want to start offering a car wash membership option to your customers.

Memberships and subscriptions have become a popular method of purchasing products and services and it works especially well for car washes. Car owners love to see a clean car, they need to wash it consistently.

What are Car Wash Memberships?

Memberships are subscription plans that give customers access to discounted car washes.

With a membership, a large number of washes can be had on a month-to-month basis for one fair price.

If a car wash business has multiple locations, customers may even be able to get their cars cleaned at multiple convenient locations.

Most car washes offer different tiers of membership, so customers can choose the plan that best fits their needs and budget. Some memberships may allow for multiple vehicles to be cleaned.

Win-Win for both Consumers and Car Washes

Wash memberships are a win-win situation for both you and your customers.

An option for membership will bring higher guaranteed revenue to your car wash and allow you to retain customers.

For car owners, car wash subscriptions are a great option if they like their vehicle to be cleaned regularly. They can start saving money on their car washing and make the process more convenient.

What do Customers get with their Membership?

When customers join a monthly membership, they get access to discounted washes.

Depending on the plan they select, they may also receive additional benefits like free vacuums, waxing, or interior detailing services.

Some memberships even include an unlimited number of car washes for one low price.

Unlimited Washes (Or Many)

While not all wash memberships will offer unlimited washes, it is a fantastic way for customers to keep their vehicles clean by having multiple washes for a lower price than paying separately.

Unlimited club membership is often the most popular option because it gives customers access to as many car washes as they need for one low price.

Loyalty Offers

Many wash memberships include loyalty offers for customers who use the service frequently.

These offers can range from discounts on additional services to free car washes after a certain number of visits.

With these offers, customers can save even more money on their car wash services.


Car wash subscriptions offer the ultimate convenience for customers who use the service often.

Customers can simply show up and activate their wash with their monthly membership rather than having to pre-pay again each time.

No Commitment

Since most wash memberships are month-to-month, there is no long-term contract for customers.

Car Washed at a Reduced Price

Paying for an individual car wash will cost much more than the low monthly price of a membership.

This is the biggest benefit for customers who are looking for frequent washes.

Exclusive Perks

Another option is to offer exclusive perks to members. Shorter lines, free towels for drying, an online account, interior cleaning, spot-free rinse or discounts on additional services are all great incentives for customers to join.

Why your Car Wash should Offer Memberships

Offering a car wash membership program can help your business stand out from the competition.

Customers are always looking for ways to save money. Offering a discounted rate on car washes is an easy way to do that.

Plus, memberships give customers access to exclusive offers and deals. This provides added value for customers and keeps them coming back to your wash location.

A car wash membership program is a great way to reward loyal customers and attract new ones. It's also an easy way for you to increase revenue and grow your business.

Retained Consumers

When customers sign up for a car wash subscription, they are given a large number of washes (or an unlimited wash count), this ensures that they keep coming to only your car wash.

As customers use your wash, they will become accustomed to the good wash quality, friendly staff and great customer service. This will make them less likely to cancel their membership.

Additional Services

Whether it is discounted higher tiers of wash packages, interior cleaning or unlocking free vacuums, customers signing up for a membership will be more likely to pick up additional services.

Abusing The Membership

When customers sign up for a membership, they are much less likely to abuse the service. Memberships make it easier to track usage and ensure that customers are not overusing their benefits. Some owners are worried about customers overusing their wash or using it for something other than personal use.

However, having a membership system in place makes it much easier to monitor usage and prevent this kind of behavior. You can also set limits like 1 wash per day to prevent abuse.

Turtle Wax Pro recommends most people wash their cars about once per week. With this cadence, a wash membership will be very profitable.

Advertising your Car Wash Membership

Advertising is an important part of any business, and when you roll out your wash memberships, you will want to be sure all your current and potential consumers are aware of it.

There are many different ways to get the message across. Social media, radio, billboards, local signage, and flyers.

Choosing a variety of these methods will help a wide range of people have the chance to see your advertisement.

When advertising your membership, be sure to include the unique benefits they will gain by becoming a member, which will increase the likelihood of them signing up or even contacting you for more information.

Contact Turtle Wax Pro and Transchem Group for all your Car Wash Needs

With decades of experience supplying car washes with the best chemistry on the market and supporting them in their success of car washing, we understand how valuable memberships can be.

If you have questions about your car wash's membership options or anything else related to the car wash industry, get in touch with us!

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