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Harness the Power of Branding with Turtle Wax Pro's Comprehensive Signage and Marketing

In the competitive arena of car care, standing out isn't just about the shine of the cars that leave your lot—it's about the luster of your brand in the eyes of passersby. For over seven decades, Turtle Wax Pro has been synonymous with excellence in car care, boasting an impressive 97% brand awareness in North America. Today, we're proud to introduce our revolutionary signage ordering portal, a tool designed to amplify your car wash's presence and attract more customers with the allure of the Turtle Wax Pro brand.

Properly utilizing signage can transform any car wash by improving visibility and building your brand. In the process, ensuring a better experience for your customers while bringing in more business.

The Signage Portal: Your Branding Canvas

Your brand is unique, and your signage should be too. Our portal is a treasure trove of Turtle Wax Pro's distinctive sub-brands, each with its own personality and appeal:

Customizing your signage is a breeze with our intuitive online platform. Navigate through a seamless, user-centric interface to select, customize, and order signs that resonate with your brand's message and aesthetic.

Marketing Programs: Your Pathway to Enhanced Visibility

Turtle Wax Pro's marketing programs are the engines of growth for your car wash business. Each program is designed to dovetail with your unique branding and signage strategy:

Co-op Marketing Program

  • Earn credits through your purchases of Turtle Wax Pro products, and reinvest them in marketing materials that carry your brand further. It's a cycle of growth—your investment in our products comes back to support your marketing efforts, helping you to reach a wider audience and build brand loyalty.
  • These credits can be used on a variety of marketing related purchases, with signage being the most popular.

On-Site Total Turtle Signage Program

  • Exclusively for new to Turtle Wax Pro wash operators, this program equips you with complimentary signage to introduce your offerings with a bang. By prominently displaying Turtle Wax Pro products, you signal to customers that quality is at the heart of your service.
  • Get set up the right way to showcase your product offerings, build your brand image and bring customers through the door.

Equipment and Arch Program

  • For our premier operators, this program represents a partnership in the truest sense. Commit to Turtle Wax Pro products, and we commit to you with support for your arches or equipment purchases, helping you modernize and maintain the edge in technology and presentation.
  • Contact us to get to know how you can take advantage of our equipment and arch program!

Real Success Stories: Meet TWP operator, Splash2o Express Wash

The proof is in the success of our partners. Take Splash2o, a car wash brand that has fully embraced Turtle Wax Pro's signage and marketing programs. Their vibrant, Turtle Wax Pro branded arches and menu boards create an immersive experience, leading to an increase in their higher end wash purchases as detailed in our blog post. Splash2o is a testament to how effective branding can enhance the customer experience and contribute to a business's bottom line, they effectively leveraged our branding to capture consumers and the quality of their wash will take care of the rest.

Get Started with Turtle Wax Pro

In the world of car wash services, your brand's image can be as impactful as the quality of your washes. Turtle Wax Pro's signage and marketing offerings are crafted not just to meet the industry's standards but to set them. Embrace the full spectrum of our signage and marketing solutions, and let your car wash's reputation gleam as brightly as the cars you service.

Our signage portal is your first step towards a more captivating car wash presence. Coupled with our marketing programs, you have a full suite of tools to elevate your business. Dive into the portal, explore the possibilities, and reach out to us for guidance on integrating these powerful solutions into your marketing strategy. If you are a TWP customer who does not have access to our portal, contact us! 

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