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FIRE & ICE: The Chemical Duality that Deliver Superior Performance, Experience, and Marketing

In the dynamic world of car wash chemicals, there are endless options to choose from. However, one brand has stood the test of time as the most recognized name in car washing, Turtle Wax. We, at Turtle Wax Pro, carry that prestige into car wash businesses all around the world. This write up will be to highlight two of our most iconic products, FIRE & ICE.

History of Fire and Ice in Turtle Wax Pro

The saga of Fire and Ice can be first found in Turtle Wax's release, ICE®, a groundbreaking clear polish, introduced in 2006. It signalled Turtle Wax's expansion into a new realm of surface protectants and shine products. This product range rapidly gained popularity for its effectiveness and ease of use, and has been moved into an entire product line that performs well for the brand even to this day.

Upon Turtle Wax Pro's introduction in 2013, ICE® Instant Shine™ was formulated to carry the existing brand image but for car washes. ICE® Instant Shine™ is a stand out finishing product that protects vehicles from harsh weather conditions while delivering maximum shine in the process.

In a move to create a yin and yang complement within their product lineup, Turtle Wax Pro introduced FIRE. This product was designed to be a perfect pair with ICE® as it adds to the comprehensive car wash solutions we offer. FIRE comes in two forms, Bath and Wax, that offer thorough cleaning and a stunning wax finish.

What Makes FIRE & ICE So Special?

There are a few main reasons why FIRE & ICE are so well received by our distributors, customers, operators and partners. For starters, they do an exceptional job at cleaning and making vehicles sparkle.

Fire Clean & Protect

Fire Bath is formulated to create a dense and visually appealing foam that is exceptional at deep surface cleaning.

With slightly low pH, Fire Bath holds up in less-than-ideal water conditions to provide a fantastic foam quality, without using additional chemicals.

The anionic charge present in Fire Bath is perfect for lifting large particulate soils at the start of a wash while enhancing foam and lubricity, allowing for less detergent later in the wash process!

Fire Wax is a carnauba wax based product designed to deliver an impressive shine and hydrophobic (water-wicking) capabilities!

Also known for its visual and olfactory experience, Fire Wax can be paired with various other surface protectant products, ICE included.

ICE® Instant Shine™ arch from TWP operator, Wett Car Wash in West Chicago, IL.

ICE® Instant Shine™

Ice® complements its counterpart by focusing on a radiant shine and lasting impression.

It enhances water repellency through advanced sheeting technology produced by bonding polymers that work to adhere and bind with the particles on the vehicle’s surface. A hydrophobic barrier is created which aids in the rapid removal of water and protection of the surface from harsh weather conditions.

Marketing Power of FIRE & ICE Products

The marketing of Fire and Ice is a reflection of Turtle Wax Pro's understanding of the car care industry. These products are not just sold; they're presented as difference makers for anyone who wants a great looking vehicle. Their branding resonates with all kinds of car owners, positioning them as high-end, must-have products in the market.

Another element of FIRE & ICE's success is its marketing ability. With endless attractive eye catching marketing materials (banners, arches, signs, sell sheets and more!), visual prowess of red and blue colours and irresistible scents (creamsicle chill, cool mango, cinnamon and raspberry inferno), these products make a name for themselves.

Whether a new customer sees the on-site marketing or they get to see FIRE & ICE in action, they will be sure to make repeat visits and tell people they know about the wash experience they just had.

Encouraging Upgrades with FIRE & ICE

One of the strategic advantages of Fire and Ice in a professional setting is their ability to upsell services. Their reputation and results make them an easy sell to customers looking for an upgrade in their car care routine. Professionals can leverage these products to enhance their service offerings, ultimately leading to increased customer satisfaction and business growth.

One of the largest questions a car wash operator may have is, how they can encourage customers to upgrade their wash package to higher tiers. A major strategic advantage of utilizing effective and highly marketable products is their ability to catch the eye of consumers and give them a reason to choose a higher tier of a car wash.

The reputation and results that FIRE & ICE carry make it an option many of our clients use to encourage customers to spend more at their wash. Bringing you more revenue and a higher margin of profit than utilizing other car wash chemicals.

How can you Upsell with FIRE & ICE

Educate customers on why these products work so well.

  • Highlight the benefits they receive by choosing the wash packages with these chemicals.
  • Showcase the difference with visuals, perhaps on screens or online.

Tiered Pricing

  • Having separate tiers with each providing different value can effectively breakdown the offerings for consumers. This way they can make the informed choice in moving up in tiers.

Seasonal Conditions

  • Depending on where you operate, you may be able to highlight advantages of Fire & Ice in different seasons. Such as protection from various weather concerns like road salt.

Use of Subscriptions or Membership Programs

  • Offering your wash services in a subscription based system can offer many benefits for both you and your consumers such as reoccurring revenue and unlimited washes.
  • Focusing solely on upgrading, customers can choose a higher wash tier at a much more affordable price by paying monthly for their membership rather than purchasing the higher tiers individually each time.

Leverage both Digital and Traditional Marketing Methods

  • Share your flagship product offerings on online, your website and brand your car wash with appopriate signage and related materials so customers know what you sell and are enticed to try it! 
  • Fire & Ice are highly marketable products and all washes should leverage it when looking to upsell it as a service.

Plethora of Marketing Materials to Choose From!

To match the marketing power, there has tons of different marketing materials that can be used by both wash operators in promoting Fire & Ice and encouraging consumers to choose the higher wash packages. These can be found in both separate Fire and Ice® branding and even combination pieces.

Some examples are:

  • Banners
  • Windmasters
  • Drum covers and wraps
  • Gate signs
  • Pennants
  • Pylon signs, sleeves and cones
  • Teardrop signs
  • 3D Antenna signs

Plus, we're happy to work with you on custom orders to create a unique experience for you and your consumers. Co-branding is an especially great way to build your own car wash's name while simultaneously using our 97% brand recognition to catch the eye of consumers.

FIRE branded arch from TWP operator, Splash2o Express Car Wash in Virginia Beach, VA.


They are some of our most iconic products for good reason. Fire & Ice is a pair of revolutionary car wash chemicals that can make a tremendous difference in quality, branding, and profit margins for any car wash.

Contact us if you want to try FIRE & ICE in your car wash and see the difference it can make in elevating your business and separating yourself from the competition!

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