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A New Era of Presoaks: You Only Need One Shot

One Shot Sell Sheet

One of the most important stages in the car washing process is right at the start. This is where most of the bulky dirt and grime is removed and it's usually the job of a presoak to complete this stage effectively. Without the use of an effective presoak, every other stage of the car wash process will have difficulty as there will be large dirt particles present which will get in the way of the other products trying to do their job.  

As we at Turtle Wax Pro are constantly innovating and trying to improve our chemical offerings, we are thrilled to announce a new presoak chemical, One Shot, also known as HP-99.  

A New Addition to Turtle Wax Pro’s Chemistry, HP-99

One Shot represents a major leap forward in our comprehensive line of car wash chemicals. Previously, our presoak chemicals, while effective, were often attributed as being expensive and having too many frills. We’ve heard your feedback and are pleased to announce that One Shot has been formulated to offer amazing cleaning power without all the scents, color and thus, can carry an attractive price for all car washes to rely on. On the other hand, One Shot can still play a valuable role in creating an attractive experience for your wash as it is a high foaming product, adding a valuable visual appeal to your chemical line up.  

Clean with just a Shot Worth’s of Chemistry

As the name suggests, One Shot is designed to use (approx.) just a shot worth’s amount of chemistry or about 1 oz. In comparison to other presoak chemicals, this is a small amount and will mean you can wash many vehicles with just one jug of chemical!

In fact, you can wash up to 630 cars in touchless applications and 3000 cars in tunnel washes with just one 5-Gal container of product!

This keeps your cost-per-car low, makes loading and stocking the product easy, and reduces the need for your wash to constantly making orders as you run through the product.  

Versatile for All

One of the major benefits of using One Shot is that it can perform in almost any environment. Whether it is a self-serve, in-bay automatic, or tunnel wash system, you can rely on One Shot to clean beautifully. It is suitable for both friction and touchless applications, but it is optimized for the latter.

Its versatile nature does not stop there, as it is friendly for water reclaim systems (thanks to being both colorless and odorless), suitable for both bio-reactive and ozonated systems and can work in a variety of water qualities.  

Tackle the Toughest of Cleaning Challenges

One Shot uses dynamic alkaline presoak technology that ensures superior cleaning even in difficult cleaning environments. With 3x the potency of similar products, One Shot can act as a stand-alone product for all ordinary cleaning situations. In extra tough situations, One Shot can be combined with HP-800 to eliminate all that stands in its way. For all the power that One Shot has, it is still gentle for light cleaning situations which adds to its immense versatility.  

Wash Vehicles for Less

An important focus for us in releasing this new product is addressing the cost concerns of some of our previous presoak options. One Shot was designed to be a low cost-per-car product which means both current and new Turtle Wax Pro customers can leverage this effective and economically friendly option.  

It is notorious that touchless cleaning requires much higher chemical usage but One Shot was formulated to just need 1 oz. of product per vehicle! This means one 5-Gal jug can wash up to 630 vehicles in touchless applications.


  • Concentration: Hyper-concentrated
  • TRUE-VUE 2 Compatible  
  • Reclaim System Friendly
  • Biodegradable  
  • Application Type: Friction & Touchless
  • Average Cars Per 5 Gal: 630 in touchless washes, 3000 in tunnel systems.
  • Approx Usage per Car: 30ml
  • Available Sizes: 2.5, 5, 30, 55 Gal
  • pH Level: 13
  • Scent: Odorless
  • Color: Colorless

Real World Results

While One Shot is new to the market and thus, we encourage you to contact us to try it out for yourself, we have done considerable testing with it to ensure it meets our expectations and performs just as intended.  

One of our valued partners, Autowash Systems in Minnesota, have been testing One Shot for a considerable time and have used it throughout different weather seasons with remarkable success.  

They have seen effective results using it in their touchless cleaning: “OneShot has been a great addition to our touch-free cleaning line at Autowash Systems! With excellent cleaning performance and very low usage per application, OneShot has been a game changer with high customer satisfaction. Give One Shot a try and see the amazing results for yourself!” said Jason from Autowash Systems.  

Want to Learn More about One Shot?

We are excited for you to test One Shot at your car wash site yourself, so contact us today to see how it can elevate your business by producing a better clean and keeping costs low in the process!  

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