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Choosing a Location for a Car Wash

Car washes are great businesses to invest in as they can be lucrative and busy all year round.

But one of the most important parts of opening a car wash business is choosing the right location. Let's walk through why location is so important and how you can pick the right location for your wash.

How Important is the Location For Car Wash?

Location is critical for any business, and a car wash is no exception.

The location you pick for your wash will prove to be invaluable as it will dictate how successful you can be.

A poor location will leave consumers unaware of your business or not willing to make the trip.

What Factors Should You Consider When Choosing a Location?

Many factors will play into your decision of where to place your wash business. Some of these factors will be more or less important depending on your situation.


As a wash owner, you must compare the benefits of different locations with their costs.

Choosing a place only based on its price may result in many problems like poor visibility or traffic. Attempting to save money could lead to purchasing the wrong site or property.


You want a spot that's easy to access, a main street. Look to open an express car wash located near main roads and highways, so potential customers can stop by on their way to work or on the way home.

You should also consider the parking situation. Washes can get busy. There should be enough space for cars to line up without causing issues. Like blocking entrances, affecting traffic lights or traffic speed.

Laws and Regulations

There may be some things that you need to do to run a car wash, like following zoning restrictions or health codes.

There are different rules for different locations or buildings. Find out the rules for your town or city before you agree to anything.


If there are already several washes in the area, you may have a tough time attracting customers.

Think about if there is something special that your business offers compared to other washes nearby. Offering interior cleaning, oil change or a speedy service can bring in more traffic compared to other businesses.

Too much competition can dilute your customer base. Too little could mean that your location is not close enough to the target market.


The area where you open your wash will have different types of people living there. You will want to tailor your car wash to your clientele. For example, services, advertising, signage, prices, and more.


Vehicles being able to see your wash as they drive in traffic will be key when it comes time to get their car cleaned. People will often choose the closest car wash available. If your wash is near where they work or go to school, they are more likely to go to use it.

What is the Best Location for a Wash?

The best wash location will depend on your own needs. Take into account the factors above and weigh out the pros and cons of each option.

What kind of customers you want to attract, how far they are willing to travel, regulations that might apply, and what the competition is like.

Competition for Car Washes

Your competition is an aspect that you will want to be sure to research and understand.

Wherever you decide to open your wash, you will bound to have some competition in the area. The services they provide are all things to pay attention to. Equipment, chemistry, appearance, branding and prices.

You can then position your wash around that, in areas you do better than your competition or what you offer that they do not.

Luckily, the car wash industry is very competitive. Even a local car wash can compete with larger known franchised washes.

What to Focus on in your Car Wash Business

Choosing a location is one thing. After that, you will need to run your car wash to the best of your ability.

Here are some things you should focus on:

High-Quality Car Wash Chemistry

Chemistry will ensure your wash will produce a great-looking and clean car. Every wash will want to be sure they are cleaning, drying, and shining cars to a standard their customers will love.

Turtle Wax Pro customers believe our products are some of the best that can be bought. The final product is what allows our operators and distributors to stand out.

Marketing and Branding

Marketing is a must for any wash business and there are many methods to do so.

Signage, arches, logos, colours, scents, and more can all be part of building your brand. Ensuring your website is functional and attractive for potential customers is also key.


The car wash industry is using technology to make the process more convenient and efficient.

Applications, automated entry, reward and loyalty programs, buying washes, and subscriptions. All great things to use in your car wash.

An auto wash in particular can use many upgrades to make the wash more seamless and advanced.


It is important to train your team to wash cars so your business can run smoothly.

Washing vehicles, managing the backroom, or tuning chemical applications, staff must be trained on their equipment and chemicals.

Opening a Car Wash? Contact Turtle Wax Pro and Transchem Group

With decades of supporting car wash businesses, we have seen it all when it comes to opening and running a wash.

We can aid your car wash in finding a location and so much more: supplying chemistry, choosing equipment, and marketing just to name a few.

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