Introducing M.A.X. Power High-pH Presoak

The all-new M.A.X.-Power is our best touchless High-pH Presoak yet!  With it, you will deliver more clean and shiny cars than ever before. This product features a pH boosting technology that allows you to adjust the pH level from Moderate to Aggressive to Xtreme to overcome challenging cleaning conditions. Use Turtle Wax® Pro M.A.X.-Power Presoak to maximize your cleaning efficiency. Try it today!

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  • Provides three levels of cleaning - Moderate, Aggressive, and Xtreme
  • pH boosting technology
  • Broad cleaning capabilities
  • ECOLOGOTM Certified

Product Specifications

  • Part#: HP-94
  • Size: 5, 30 & 55 USG / 18.9, 113.4 & 208 L
  • Application: touchless
  • For a 2 step application use with HP-640.

Recommended Dosage:

  • Moderate: 100 ml/car
  • Aggressive: 120 ml/car
  • Xtreme: 140 ml/car


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