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April 04,2019 NEW & IMPROVED Turtle Wax® Pro Sales Collateral

As our valued partner, you have access to all our Turtle Wax Pro sales collateral material for your business. Choose from product brochures, marketing signage guides, sales presentation folders, etc. All are available to order through our marketing department..

April 01,2019 Ever struggled with an HFI injector that won't draw chemical?

Injectors very rarely go bad, so the usual cause is an incorrect pressure differential. Injectors create a vacuum, known as the Venturi process, that allows chemicals to be drawn from the container, mix with water, and delivered to the applicator. There needs to be 200 PSI into the injector and 60-80 PSI on the backside...


June 19,2018 NEW 3D Windmasters and Pylons from Ahearn

Bring excitement and awareness at a car wash with these new 3D Turtle Wax Pro branded windmaster signs by Ahearn. These brightly colored and layered die cut signs generate awareness and interest at any car wash. Include these in your next Total Turtle site you convert. To inquire or order this sign go to...


June 11,2018 Turtle Wax Pro Summit: Big Success in Cleveland and Atlanta

Turtle Wax Pro Summits are the ultimate way for our distributors to get their hands on the technical training needed to understand the best ways to put our line of products into use, as well as an all-access pass to thought-provoking roundtable-style discussions and networking events that teach, inspire and motivate....


June 08,2018 Quality Matters: Why Low-Grade Chemicals Can’t Hold Up

When cleaning cars are your core service, it is critical to invest in the right chemicals to deliver a consistent clean, dry, and shiny vehicle for your customers. One particularly vulnerable part of the automobile is the exterior paint finish. It’s the first thing customers see when a car comes out of the car wash, so...



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