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Over the last 75 years Turtle Wax® has continually been working hard to produce the finest car care products. However, we have also been asking ourselves how we can provide additional value to our distributors. We’ve identified four key areas where Turtle Wax® Pro can help grow your business. Brand Awareness, Social Reach, Marketing Materials, and Industry Leadership.

Discover the Power of the Turtle

Brand Awareness

  • 90 Countries
  • 93% Brand Awareness
  • 70 Years in Business

How Can Our Brand Help You?

For consumers, Brand Awareness is crucial in making the buying decision. Turtle Wax® has spent more than three quarters of a century building a brand that resonates in the minds of consumers. By building more than 93% brand awareness, we help our distributors to protect their market share, and at the same time help drive business to their carwash operators.


What does this means for you?

The power of engagement cannot be understated as a means of strengthening relationships and trust in a brand, and social media is the best platform to facilitate this. According to Ad-Age, Social Media is increasingly important for marketing. By focusing our efforts on social media engagement, we can capture the loyal Turtle Wax® customer base and open up regular communication to direct them to our distributors and carwash operators.

Don’t underestimate the Turtle.

"Turtle Wax® Winning the Social Media Race With New Campaign. Beating Competitors' Stats"

- Adweek, June 2013

Marketing Materials

We don’t just sell you chemicals, we help your customers market their carwash.

3% CO-OP

Marketing Co-op Program

Our marketing program includes a 3% allowance that distributors can use to supply Turtle Wax® Pro branded signage and advertising to their customers. Let the power of the brand increase profitability!

Online Sales Website

Your customers and staff can access all product information including Technical Data and MSDS Sheets on our updated Turtle Wax® Pro website. With ongoing updates including product tips, industry news, and new product information, this site will be your portal to the Turtle Wax® Pro world of cleaning!

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Print Materials & Catalogues

Turtle Wax® Pro offers a variety of marketing materials and programs to help promote the use of Turtle Wax® Pro products at your carwash. Pylons, banners, and arches are just a few tools you can use to let customers know that you are using the most recognizable and trusted brand in the car care industry.

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Industry Leadership

  • 30+ Years In The Industry
  • 15 Years manufacturing Private Label Products

How does this impact you?

Business is built on relationships. With Transchem’s commitment to Turtle Wax® Pro, not only are you partnering with an established brand, but also a trusted partner. Transchem takes pride in building solid relationships with distributors who can see that in the end, the Turtle Always Wins.

We're just getting started!

- Nathan Ewing, President, Transchem Pro Inc.

Turtle Wax® has spent the last 75 years building a powerful brand with a massive loyal customer base.

In 2017, we are going to help bring these loyal customers to you.

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